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BE@RBRICK x Snarkitecture x BLACkRAINBOW Agency’s White Figurine

In a special edition of BE@RBRICK created by Medicom Toy, Jay Smith and Greg Hervieux of the BLACkRAINBOW Agency partnered up with Snarkitecture. The special edition was set to make its debut in just one thousand percent size and has white treatment and decay elements by the NYC-based architectural company, which added punctures toward the front and rear of the bear’s body. Each item included a marching box with BLACkRAINBOW and Snarkitecture’s logos and packed to create an ultimate unboxing experience.

The figurine measured 27.5 inches and was made with the collaborative efforts of Alex Mustonen and Daniel Arsham from Snarkitecture. The toy, as if sculpted from ice, was restricted to just 280 parts, and had a size of one thousand percent in 70 centimeters. Thirty pieces of the figure was made available for copy in the BLACkRAINBOW pop-up store in Paris two years ago.

In order to influence and distort knowledge, Daniel Arsham has utilized aspects such as architecture, sculpture, and performance. At just 25 years of age, Arsham became renowned when his first set was commissioned to design for works of Merce Cunningham. Back in the day, he was most driven by his fascination for architecture and organized space from childhood recollections of Hurricane Andrew’s destruction in his hometown in Miami. His notorious art pieces included a series of installations which destabilized the solidity of some gallery and exhibit walls such that they seem to drip, to fold, to ooze, or to absorb the furniture; hand-colored clouds, photograph-based, pixelated, and granular sculptures, such as crushed glass, were also featured in some of his artworks. It then worked out to turn into a now well-known collaboration and duo with Alex Mustonen as they founded Snarkitecture.




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