Astro Boy Kaws Is The Perfect Toy


Astro, or the Mighty Atom (Tetsuwan Atom) as he was first known was created in 1951 and borrowed from the classic stories of Pinocchio and Frankenstein, telling the story of a grieving industrialist who bereft at the loss of his natural son created a robot child in his image, however the father soon realised that no automaton could ever take the place of his actual flesh and blood and so abandoned him. 

Astro Boy Sleeper Toy

You may also see parallels with Kubrick’s and Spielberg’s movie AI. Kubrick was a self confessed long time fan of Tezuka’s work, even asking him to help design the look of 2001: A Space Odyssey (a request he strangely declined) and Kubrick went on record as saying Astro had been a big influence on his story of the lost robot boy seeking love and family.

This is a beautiful, clean, understated piece of work, and its beauty comes from its simple purity. Astro is captured slumbering, hung by wires, power cables and mechanical intravenous pipes, hovering in mid air between two pieces of white laboratory apparatus. It has a solemn feel to the piece, even having quasi-religious undertones as the figure looks so serene, like a child in the womb, like a pure vision of skewed innocence. 

Astro Boy x Kaws Doll
I can find absolutely nothing to fault here, you’ll either love it or perhaps be indifferent to the choice of pose, but I defy anyone to actually hate it.

And if you can find it in yourself to hate it… what the hell is wrong with you… No, seriously!

Astro Boy Kaws Sad Doll
All the lines are clean, sleek and well executed. I did notice the box has no production credits at all, which is quite unusual for a Hot Toys box, it leads me to wonder if it might have been digitally sculpted from 3D model files, and if so, on this occasion it works very well. I’m still looking forward to seeing the articulated 1/6th figure, and I’ll be interested to see if that has any sculpting credits as well.

But what ever the out come, this is just a case of pure… with capital ‘P’ perfection. I hope it gets the love it deserves, because I want Hot Toys to give us a lot more from Astro in the future!

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